How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website


So you just launched your website and check your analytics only to find the traffic is coming from a direct search (typing your company name, brand or website into Google).  

How do you drive more organic traffic to your website without paying for it?  The answer is link building.

What is link building and why do you need to do it?

When search engines crawl the web and decide on how to rank and position websites, links can provide that extra credibility and showcase the popularity of the pages.  However you have to be careful about who is linking back to your website.   Here are a few things to consider are you decide what links to pursue.

Website Relevancy

If your website showcases your knit and crochet accessories it wouldn’t make sense to have a link exchange with a skateboard company.  If you have too many links coming from sources that are not relevant to what your site is all about the search engines will treat this as spam.

Site Popularity

Obtaining a link exchange from a popular website does matter.  It may require extra work and follow up on your part on your end but it can happen!

Social Media

Having your content shared and liked via social media platforms is still an extremely valuable way of building traffic to your website. It helps that you post regularly to increase your chances to someone sharing your link or linking back to your website.

So start taking note of what sites you would like linking back to your website.  Stay tuned next week for more marketing tips!

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