Create More Website Sales Through Localization


Optimizing your content isn’t about just picking the right keywords to get a visitor to your web page. 

It is about picking keywords that convey the right message to your target audience!  If you sell your goods online it gives your business the opportunity to reach global markets now more than ever.  In fact what if you checked your analytics recently and found that your customers are mainly from the U.K?  Well it is time to get localized!  What does that mean exactly?

Here’s an example if you have an apparel e-commerce website. In the U.K. jumpers=sweaters or trainers=sneakers.  So if you sell those type of products just simply adding those keywords into your product descriptions will boost sales! It shows the customer that you did your homework and put some extra effort into your website.  Localizing your website just with this DIY budget friendly tip will offer the same type of experience for every customer no matter where they are located.  Paying attention to these small details will result in more targeted traffic to your website and stay there!

Stay tuned for more fashion e-commerce tips!

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