How to Turn an Unhappy Customer into a Learning Experience


Unhappy customers are an invaluable resource for providing honest information about your creative business. Believe it or not you need this information if you want to improve and stand out from your competition.  

Join us for our weekly video tip on how to turn an unhappy customer into a learning experience!  TFP contributor and Etsy seller, Rekha Krishnamurthi shares her recent experience with a customer and what she did to solve the problem!

Most customers will accept the occasional human or shipping error.  How you or your company responds to those errors is what distinguishes you from your competitors. It’s easier than ever for customers to publicly share their experiences, and the way you respond to unhappy customers will determine what they say about you afterward!

By truly listening to your unhappy customers you can generate the most pleasant outcome possible for them.  Better yet, you can turn an experience with an unhappy customer into an opportunity to drive profitable change for your business. You now know every customer concern is your opportunity to minimize future negative publicity .  Also realize you can convert an unhappy customer into a devoted and loyal fan who will spread the word about your superior customer service!

So the next time you have an unhappy customer on your hands,  don’t panic!  You can respond with confidence and say  “Thanks for contacting me with your concern,” and truly mean it!



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