How to Do Keyword Research in 60 Minutes or Less

When I ask my clients the following question “What keyword or phrase should I type into Google that you want your business or brand to be known for?” about 90% of them have no idea how to answer me.

If this sounds like you, that’s totally ok.  You don’t have to be an SEO ninja to figure it out.   Talk to other online store owners or entrepreneurs and you’ll often find that keyword research is not even on their to-do list radar.  

Keyword research doesn’t have to be a painful process.  The fact that you can discover how many people per month are searching for something, what words they’re using, and what questions they’re asking in search still boggles my mind!  That is why I am going to show you 5 easy hacks that connect you with your target audience in no time.

#1 Finding relevant blog or site categories

Having about five to ten blog categories can help you rank in search for popular topics, allow readers to find more relevant content on your site, and help to organize your blog.

For example, if you own a wedding planning service I would check out popular site for common navigation and blog categories.   This is what I found in less than 5 minutes and voila there are some instant keywords or key phrases that you can start sprinkling throughout your content.

#2 Use Google Advanced Search Operators To Dig a Little Deeper

Sounds a bit techy and complicated?  It is super easy to do.  It works on most popular sites.

Example: I am still sticking with the wedding planning service business.  Popular sites like and have content topic pages. What does that mean?  Instant blog topic or content ideas to incorporate into your site!  To view all of The’s topics search this: or if I want to find out popular topics discussed on I can type in  

This is just one example of topics that I could use in my blog posts or service pages:



Finding keyphrases for your website
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#3  Take Advantage of Google Suggest

Google “wedding planner” and don’t hit enter!

Instead, make note of the drop-down search suggestions. You can also search “wedding planner a” [don’t hit enter], “wedding planner b” [don’t hit enter], all the way through to z to get the most popular and/or trending wedding-planner searches.  That is another way to capture your keywords!

Here’s an example:



Finding keywords using Google
Finding keywords using Google

#4 FAQ Keyword Research

Answering the most commonly searched-for questions about your product/service will provide value to your readers and give you instant credibility as an industry expert.

Here’s how to gather the most commonly asked questions on a topic:

Head on over to this free tool:

Put in your product or service into the search box.

Next, you will find this super cool question wheel of what people are asking in the search. It will address the What, How, Why, What questions people are typing into search.   This will not only help you create instant blog topics but keyword phrases as well.  I download the report into a .csv file so I can delete any questions that might not be relative to my business.

#5 Don’t Underestimate the Power of Pinterest

Never underestimate the power of Pinterest.  It can be a keyword goldmine.  Just type in your product or service and see what pops up in search.  You can easily compile a keyword list just by using Pinterest!



Finding keywords on Pinterest
Finding keywords on Pinterest

You are now on your way to keyword research success in about 60 min or less!   

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