How to Describe Any Product on Your Website

If you ever have been stuck coming up with product copy for your website or Amazon listings you are certainly not alone!   I used to sit at my laptop for hours besides myself wondering how I am I going to write about hundreds of items that are exactly the same but somehow make the copy sound different?  Seems impossible right?   Not at all!

Here are my top 8 tips how you can write about product on your website!


1.     What is the reason for this item?  Why do people need to buy it?

No matter what age or skin type, your skin tends to get dry in the winter months. This face lotion will be sure to add moisture and a beautiful glow!


2.     What does this item allow you to leave behind?

For example- you make travel pillows.  This is a perfect alternative to packing your pillow from home on next camping trip.


3.     Where is this item made?

This item is made in the United States with the finest imported Italian leather.


4.     How does the user feel when using the product?

Experience the rich luxury of these ultra plush Turkish cotton towels.  You’ll feel like you never left the spa!


5.     Can you offer any predictions about this product?

This coat is sure to take you from Fall into Winter.


6.     Why would you want more than one of these items?

This stainless steel floral print water bottle is perfect for your desk at the office and to bring to the gym.


7.     How will you feel when wearing or using this item?

You’ll feel like you stepped back into 1940’s Hollywood when wearing this polka dot sheath dress.


8.     What kind of emotion does it evoke?

Everyone loves getting mail or a special gift.  Send a thinking of you note so that special someone in your life knows you are thinking of them!


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