Brainstorm new keywords to help shoppers find your e-commerce site

I can’t tell you how many times I have chatted with emerging designers only to find they are not having success selling their products online.  

I quickly head over to their website to investigate further and instantly find the problem staring right back at me.  Labeling your products with compelling keywords on your own e-commerce site or another website (i.e. Etsy) is the best way for your products to be found in search.  For example if you are selling Womens’ T-shirts chances are you won’t be found on the first page of Google when you label or describe your product as just a T-shirt.  Can you think of what other content can set your t-shirts apart from the rest?

Here are some questions that will help you come up with the best descriptive content and keywords that reflects your brand and help shoppers find your e-commerce site!

  1. What is your item specifically?   i.e.- crewneck sweater, cuff bracelet, zip around wallet
  2. What is the material?  i.e. gold, silver, leather, silk, cotton
  3. What is the main or primary color?
  4. Did you use a special technique?  i.e. hand tooled leather, Shibori technique,  hand knit?
  5. Is there a print or image on the item? i.e. handprint leaf design, graphic print, abstract design
  6. Does you item have special features?  i.e. extra zipper for storage? pockets?
  7. Is your product solving a problem?  i.e. can wear this shirt from the office out to dinner, can wear this jacket from the gym to running errands.
  8. Does it have a synonym?  i.e.  messenger bag instead of handbag, tunic instead of shirt
  9. Do you need to point out the sizing?  i.e. oversized, extra long, 16 inch chain
  10. Is there a specific style?  i.e. Vintage inspired? Modern?  Classic?

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