The Secret Ingredient to Generating Powerful Testimonials for your Online Biz


One of the most powerful ways to gain traffic to (or back to) your website is through the use of testimonials. Just think of how many times you browsed a site just to read the testimonials.  Did they influence you in anyway?  

C’mon I bet they persuaded you or even made you think twice about buying the item!  Testimonials are extremely powerful but are often overlooked by online entrepreneurs.   Why is that?  Well getting a customer to write a testimonial can prove to be challenging.  But I am going to show you an easy way to do it!

The secret ingredient to generating powerful testimonials for your online biz is…

Share their story for them.  Send them the questions you would like them to answer.  That way you can get this automation in place when a purchase is made on your online store.   I chat more about this in my weekly video tip here.

Stay tuned for more weekly tips that will get your site found and bring more sales!



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