How Your URL’s Can Be SEO Friendly

Did you know your URL’s are an important aspect of SEO when it comes to optimizing your website?  Not only do they make an appearance in your web browser but also on search.  That is why it is important to take a look at them- whether it is a blog post or product page and make sure they are formatted for optimization.

Place Yourself in the Mind of a Visitor

Take a good look at your URL.  If you can easily and accurately predict the content you’d expect to find on the page, your URL is appropriately descriptive. You don’t need to spell out every last detail in the URL, but a rough idea is a good starting point.

Shorter is better

While a descriptive URL is important, minimizing length and trailing slashes will make your URLs easier to copy and paste (into emails, blog posts, social media posts, text messages, etc.) and will be fully visible in the search results.

Use Keywords but Don’t Overdo It!

If your page is targeting a specific term or phrase, make sure to include it in the URL. However, don’t go overboard by trying to stuff in multiple keywords for SEO purposes; overuse will result in less usable URLs and can trip spam filters.

Make the URL’s Readable

The best URLs are easily readable and don’t have lots of parameters, numbers, and symbols. Most e-commerce and website platforms will allow you to easily transform your URLs like this one into a more readable version like this:  *Creative Biz Tip Alert:  Don’t go back and change all of your URL’s especially if they were shared across social media and used as backlinks on another website.  Changing them will cause a nasty 404 error message!

Use hyphens to separate words

Not all web applications accurately interpret separators like underscores (_), plus signs (+), or spaces ( ), so instead use the hyphen character (-) to separate words in a URL, as in the “top-shoe-trends”  as mentioned in the URL example above.

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