How to Take a Negative Review and Turn It Into a Positive

Feedback about your products or business can pop up anywhere these days.  Finding comments about your work, services or brand can easily be found on social media and blogs but what if you stumble upon a negative review or feedback?   How should you handle it?

Let’s say for example you sell T-shirts. You had a customer purchase one of those T-shirts from your website but instead of emailing you with their concerns they posted about your product in a Facebook group that you happen to be a member of as well.  Can you say awkward?   While you might have a slight inclination to respond with a not-so sweet reply just hold off from hitting that post button! That type of response might make you look petty in front of your community and potential buyers of your product.  However now is the time to point out the positives in the product and what measures you are taking to make things right. 

A gracious reply might sound like the following “Hi (name of poster)!  I was sorry to see in your post you were unhappy with the T-shirts you ordered from us.  The material is a thin cotton and I only use the finest cotton to manufacture our collection. We do have heavier cotton shirts that you may be interested in if you want something less sheer.  I would be happy to exchange it for you.  Please send me an email and we’ll this shipped to you asap!”

By posting this type of reply will show the following:

  •  You are committed to making your customers happy no matter what the type of feedback they might give!
  • You are educating the buyer as well as future customers on your product
  • You are not just trying to make a sale or save face, you are trying to suit their needs
  • You make it personal by asking the customer to email you

Make sure you check out our video tip on how to turn an unhappy customer into a learning experience.  Find it here.

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