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Episode 12

I know how hard it is to create a blog post, let alone think about what to write, what anyone would care about, or what Google would like to find. So if you’re completely stuck on content, here are a few quick ways to get ideas for producing engaging content. You can find the answer to just about everything on YouTube. Here I’m going to give you three tips on how to find inspiration for your blog on YouTube. 

1. Look at your competitors

All you have to do is head over to some of your competitors on YouTube. First, see if your competitors have a YouTube channel and then what videos are trending for them. What are their most popular videos? What’s the oldest, and what’s the newest? You can see which ones have the most comments, and straight away you’ll find some blog posts ideas because you’ll see what’s working for them. You don’t really even have to watch the videos to get the ideas! Just look at the title and then do some research on the topic. There you go!

2. Read the comments 

My second tip is to read the video comments. I know YouTube comments can be a little spammy, but they also can be a great source of inspiration and tell you which direction to write your content. Oftentimes the comments are asking questions about the topic the video is presenting. These questions could be a great source of inspiration because people are giving suggestions of what they need, what needs to be improved, or what needs to be expanded upon. So again, just go to the comments of certain videos, especially from your competitors and see what inspiration that you can find. 

3. Predictive search

The third tip is to just do a YouTube search — or what is called a predictive search. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It’s second to Google, and Google actually owns YouTube. So with over 2 billion logged-in users visiting YouTube every month and watching more than a billion hours of content every single day, this platform generates a lot of activity. To do a predictive search, all you have to do is put the topic you’re searching for in the search bar and before you hit enter, see what suggestions come up. For example, I would put SEO in the search bar and before I hit “enter” it would show me some additional topic suggestions. These topic suggestions offer you here more keywords and topics for your blog content. 

You also will see what’s trending by heading over to the “what’s trending” tab on the left-hand of the navigation of the homepage menu on YouTube and see what’s trending. From there, you can see if it’s in your zone of genius, and if it’s something you would want to write a blog post about. 

Yes, YouTube is a video platform, but it’s also a search engine. And once you start thinking of YouTube in that way, you can find a wealth of information. You don’t have to be stuck writing content! YouTube is a great inspiration tool to help you create multiple pieces of content, not just blog content. It can help you create video content, social media content, and so much more! 

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